​CHINADA Announces Independent Observer Team for the 14th National Games


The China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) is pleased to announce its Independent Observer (IO) program for the 14th National Games of the People's Republic of China in Shaanxi, which will run in September 2021.

CHINADA conducted first IO program at the 2nd National Youth Games. Drawing on the successful experience, CHINADA continues to focus on the anti-doping program of major event and launch IO program at National Games.

The IO team will observe all aspects of the anti-doping programs, including organization & operation, education & outreach, and doping control. The team will also evaluate food-borne doping risk management and science & technology of anti-doping program. We will improve the professionalism and transparency of anti-doping program, and resolutely keep "Zero-tolerance" of doping. At the same time, this will provide reference and accumulate experience for the anti-doping program of future major events.

The IO team will be composed of several fields’ experts which outlined below:

Mr. Jian ZHANG (Chair), Senior anti-doping expert; Chair, Management Expert Advisory Committee, CHINADA

Mr. Youxuan XU, Director, Food and Drug Testing Laboratory, CHINADA

Mr. Qingquan LONG, Weightlifting Olympic Champion

Ms. Xiaohua ZHENG, Founder, Beijing Beikong Sanxing Information Technology Co Ltd

Ms. Xiaoyan GONG, Partner, East & Concord Partners

Ms. Ru WANG, Director, Sichuan Anti-doping Agency (SCADA)

Mr. Jiulan XU, Manager, Guangxi Anti-doping Agency (GXADA)

Mr. Jun LIU, Lead Doping Control Officer, CHINADA